KIM MOTT (formerly Mance) is a writer, adventurer, and imagery enthusiast based primarily in New York & London -- though she's often free-range, exploring the globe. Kim's appeared on a bunch of TV shows and documentary films as a travel expert, and she's now branching out into also helping explore the universe within.

During seven years as a freelance travel writer and TV host, Kim has outdone herself by contributing to fancy media outlets like Marie Claire, Condé Nast Traveler, Travel Channel, WorldHum, Babble, and Huffington Post. She also (accidentally) founded TBEX, which grew into the largest gathering of travel bloggers in the world and was acquired by New Media Expo in 2012.

And since the time is now, it's now time for something else.

 Coming summer 2015, Kim has created a fun new weekly web show - Heavenly Hippie - about life, world cultures, science, philosophy, and awakening to the best version of oneself. And changing the world (oh yesss, there's a spicy part of the show called 'Sedition Kitchen').

Meanwhile, Kim is also developing a television miniseries and book project -
in which she'll recreate the "Hippie Trail," journeying from Woodstock to India while meeting with monks in Himalayan caves, explore hidden libraries, meditate on mountaintops, and visiting remote highland churches made of mud, asking each the same (crowd-sourced) questions. The series will explore the origins and current iterations of philosophies, traditions, and religions around the globe, as Kim tries each one on for size, learning as an open-minded (thus open-hearted) new initiate. Just like a good hippie. Respecting each tradition, Kim will also refer to a modern understanding of physics and Joseph Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' for context.

The series will be filled with humor, quests for ancient wisdom, local hymns & music, and breathtaking scenery from the world, as it speaks for itself. (Think Indiana Jones meets Deepak Chopra, meets Bourdain ... meets She-ra.)

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