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There is a diagram to the left (fig 1a). What does it represent?
See the question below, in the form of a sample email you'd get from Kim during a course of the project (though she knows Paris very well, so it'd be unlikely this particular question would come up)...
Hidy ho there camper,

I was up until 4 am thinking about the best way to ____ and it made me think of ______. So, during the episode in Paris, I'd like to visit a mosque, a cloister hopefully with some nuns and a way to get them to talk to me on-camera. It wouldn't hurt to know a little about them and their traditions so I can be as respectful as possible.

By the way, great job on finding that Scientology author, the interview with him totally brought so much depth into that segment of the "Made in America" religions episode perfectly. Those tips you gave on his past work really helped me to find a way to connect with him--still can't believe he went on camera, but so glad he did. For that, you get two gold stars. And an amazing handmade ngoni I picked up in Ghana.

Alright, I've gotta go take a nap before recording vocals this afternoon for the Celtic song in the "Ancient Hymns" episode. But keep me posted so I don't forget.

At this point, who do you believe to be a bigger nerd, you, or Kim?
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Freelance Research Assistant Needed for Esoterics Film Project - May to Sept 2015

Hey kids, I've got a really fun project coming up and will soon be in need a stellar freelance research assistant. I explain it all in the video embedded here, as the type of research needed will be varied and tricky.

I'll need someone who can handle more than one topic, is proactive, loves solving puzzles, has a very open mind, is proactive, leaves no stone unturned, thinks like a detective, instinctively knows to highlight pertinent or unusual occurrences and patterns, fully understands the objective before getting to work--or asks questions for clarification if confused, never assumes anything is true or untrue at first glance, always gives 100%, works efficiently because that's just the way it is, and sees every topic in as many contexts as possible. In other words, this person thinks like me. I'm going to be wearing many hats and will be pulled in many directions, so I'll need an extra brain with thought patterns and instincts similar to mine to help with research.

Are you a nutty professor type with insatiable curiosity, a clever mind, and are someone who never loses track of what you're doing? If so, please check this out. If not, but you wanna watch the show when it comes out later this year, be sure to subscribe on youtube ... who knows, maybe we'll cross paths in the future on something that's a better fit!

Again, a full description of that research is in the video, but here are a few key phrases to see if we're on the right track before clicking play: world religions and philosophies; prominent teachers, monks,

So...does this gig sound interesting, and do you think like me? Perhaps find out by reading through, then filling out the information form / pop quiz to the right.

There are no geographic restrictions.

So there might be things like a trick question or other shenanigans in prose, one never knows unless one's on one's toes. Oh, and all but one field is required, but the form will submit only whatever you include, so, do show off your double-checking skills.

I look forward to hearing from some of the biggest nerds in the world.

Kim Mance [sig]



  • Provide a bibliography of what resources were used during research.


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